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No Tax OBDSTAR Nissan/Renault 16+32 Adapter work for X300 DP PLUS/X300 PRO4

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€1320 for X300 DP PLUS with free Key Sim 5 in 1
€518 UK/EU Ship OBDSTAR P50
€1,225 UK/EU Ship OBDSTAR DC706 Full Version

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Product Description

OBDSTAR Nissan/Renault 16+32 Adapter work for X300 DP PLUS/X300 PRO4

OBDSTAR Nissan/Renault 16+32 Adapter

Work together with X300 DP PLUS/X300 PRO4

Package including:

1pc OBDSTAR Nissan/Renault 16+32 Adapter

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Tech Support

Here are taking Obdstar X300 DP Plus as an example.

Connect 16+32 cable, main cable with unplugged gateway interface, press

IMMO >> Nissan >> Nissan/Infiniti V32.19 >> Manual select system >> 28 digital pincode >> Sylphy(B18) >> Proximity >> 2019- >> Add keys(no pin)

Please ensure the Internet connection is normal.

Please ensure the connection is correct.


1, Executing this function will clear all the keys of the vehicle. The deleted keys must be rematched before they can be used normally;
2, Only 2 new keys can be matched each time. If you need to match more than 3 keys, please divide them into 2 operation;
3, There must be at least one key that can start the vehicle normally.


1, To ensure that password is successfully read, please turn on the ignition switch;
2, The device must not be disconnected during the password reading process, otherwise the module will be damaged;
3, Please check the vehicle voltage, line connection and other conditions to prevent the device from connecting abnormally in the middle.

Writing data, it’ll take about 5 minutes, please wait…

Password was read out, please record it.

It can be used when all keys lost.

Turn on the double flash, turn off the ignition switch.

Switch ignition on.

1, Long press the start button to turn off the ignition switch;
2, Turn on the hazard warning lights(double flashing lights);
3, The gear position is in P gear or neutral gear;
4, The steering column lock is in the unlocked state.

Start to read the key ID:

Place the 1st smart key to be matched(with the mark upward) flat above the ignition switch, the key end with the mark is directly above the ignition switch, and other smart keys are far away from the ignition switch.

Special note:

1, Do not move the key on the ignition switch;
2, Do not press any button of the smart key;
3, Do not insert or remove the mechanical key in the smart key.

New key number:0

Old key number:1

Current total key number:1


1, Here you need to read all key IDs to be matched;
2, New keys can only be matched at most 2 keys, the total number of keys is up to

Program success.

Press “Enter” to program next key, otherwise, press “Esc”.

Turn off the hazard warning lights to test keys.

The remote work fine, and all can start the engine.

Press “Enter”.


Remember to remove the 16+32 connector and restore the gateway module;
Connect the X300 DP Plusto OBDII port and turn on ignition switch.


This is using Obdstar X300 DP Plus to program new keys for 2020 Nissan Sylphy(B18) successfully

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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