Return Policy

Return Policy

Our after market Warranty :  One Year!

There are 3 situation for return

1) Return back replacement
With 1 month we can make replacement for customers, customer need paid the freight(if customer not willing pay the freight, we can max understake half of the freight send back) , for new package send again, we will paid the freight.

2) Return for repair
With 1 year warranty, if the product is broken, we have they responsibliy help customers repair
In this situation customer need send back the freight,after product reached to us, we will send back to factory for repair,after repair well, we will paid the new package freight send back to customer 

3) Return for refund
If customer wanna return back for refund, need send back the whole product and pay the freight by themselves, after package reached to us, we will totally refund to you(the order amount)

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