Here list 6 FAQ for OBDSTAR and solution

1. Can't boot

If you can not starting up the machine, please connect the supporting DC power adaprer , get it in charged,then it will starting up. If the battery power is very low,it may take a few minutes to starting up. If it still fails to starting up, please contact our after-sales service for repair. 
When the temperatur is lower than -20℃,it may not be abale to starting up. Please change the enviroment to boot. After booting,it will not be affected by the temperature and can work normally.

2, Touch screen interference

If touch screen abnormality, please disconnect the power or restart, or remove the static electricity on your hands. If still not working, please contact our after-sales service.

3. One-click update is very slow


Check whether the WIFI connection is normal and the signal is good. If can not sort out, please check if the update is expired.

4, Crash


If machine crash, please pres and hold the power button for more than 5 seconds to shut it down and restart it to solve this problem

5, Unable to test


Eliminate the software problem----re-upgrade the latest software----cannot solve it---provide feedback---exclude the car problem----the car itself has no problem----(conditions allow) eliminate the main line problem ----Change a company's main line of the same type----Determine the machine problem and send it back for repair (together with the main line machine).

6. Can't charge


Check whether the charger has a voltage output of 12V. If there is no voltage or the voltage is abnormal, please replace the charger.

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