How to do if customer forget the X300 DP PLUS password

Here's the working solution to recover / reset forgotten password of OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS , so that the user can enter the home menu.

Mr. sychta mariusz contact us : Hope you can help me with this. My father pass the way few weeks ago. I had to leave the country in rush to and in moment of madness I decide to secure all my devices by screen lock password. After coming back from Poland yesterday I find out my though as I used same password for all devices was wrong :( did unlocked my zedfull with password I remember but my IM508 , MS908p and obdstar DP plus fail with it. Seems like I did use different password for this 3 devices. I did manage to reset IM508 password using build up reset software, but seems like DP Plus don't have this option. I have my DP Plus registered under my name/account, but software expired . I'm happy to renew my subscription if only could unlock tablet. Hope you could help me with this, any help/advice highly appreciated. My DP Plus serial is 951400107100 and is registered under or email

Engineers checked and reply:

We can’t see your lost password, you can renew the tablet, however, there is a risk of renewing the machine: if X300 DP PLUS has important data, it will be lost. After renewing, the tablet software will be the same as that of the new one.

This is the procedure to renew X300 DP PLUS:

After the tablet is turned off, copy the device program to a memory card and plug it in the tablet and turn it on again (this page will appear a lot of English words, until the English word “succeed” appears at the bottom, if not, continue to wait until the word “succeed” appears, and then shut down and take off the memory card, and then turn on the tablet.

If the English version appears when you turn on the tablet, you need to log in to the settings with your username and password after connecting to the Internet, and then go in and upgrade again.

Here is the renewing program content:

And Mr. Mariusz Sychta Feedback to us it works ! customer service